A quick flip

The Burnie @ Lyons ACT

There are many occasions on which I'd wanted to do a full blown renovation before.  The time my painting effort wasn't quite enough, as the grout came up off old bathroom tiles, and when I bought my first 60yo home.  But none of those situations fetched quite the same motivation as having a baby.  My first born was only a few months old when we bought this run down old home with a very poorly executed extension.  The plan, renovate...

I stripped its interior, built new frames, added a two car garage, replaced windows and guttering, redid roof, rendered and added a second bathroom.  With new interior planing this 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, single carport home became a 4,2,2 and gained over 50% sales value with a high return on investment.

Strip and reframe to new interior layout

Add 2nd bathroom

New double garage

Replace windows, door, gutters, roof and apply Render

Joinery, flooring and finishing touches